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Hey Everyone!! :) Just a quick update, I have been super busy and some things have come up in the past couple months, but I am still working towards starting up offically my Youtube, this Website/Blog, and countine working on career in progress. Since the last time that I have put up a blog post a lot has happend. I have been to the UFC Expo and my boyfriend Clifton came home with 3 medals. So Proud!! I had my 19th B-day, it was so much fun. I got hired at Bodyheat ( a tanning salon) on the spot, on my birthday) and let me tell you I love my job so much. I have a lot instored and planned for the next upcoming months and I can't wait to share them with you!! :) My next 2 big purchases I'm planning to buy is a car and a canon T3i camera.. so can't wait till then. Unfortanley though, this past week I have not been feeling my best.. think I came done with a cold, but on the bright side of course, it is making me more motivated then ever. Can't wait to feeling better and starting on this adventure with all of you. Lastly, what I have been doing lately in my spare time is watching Big Brother.. I don't know about you, but if you are watching this show as well… can't wait for theh Finale!! :)  In the mean time…. have fun, get ready for FALL, and stay beautiful!! :) 

Brandi Ashley :)
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Prom 2014  - Hey Beauties :) It's been too long sense my last post, been very busy and I have so much to catch u guys up with. Prom 2014 was my senior prom and let me tell ya…It was so much fun!!! :) I Defiently will be making a post and video next year around prom season… of the little tips and tricks that I learned with my own prom. My boyfriend (Clifton) and I went to TGI Fridays for dinner and just saying we got the biggest surprise ever. A very sweet couple paid for our entire dinner, because of it being prom night and us all dressed up. We couldn't thank them enough for such a sweet gesture. After dinner we went to prom, took some pictures, danced, and had a great night. After prom we went to go see The Blue Man Group show. If any of you are in the Vegas area, that show is a must to go see. Overall, prom was a great success and so much fun!!! Love you all muffins :) Hope ya'll have a wonderful week and don't forget, next year around prom season I will most likely being doing an entire prom series on here and my youtube. 
Luv, <3
Brandi Ashley :)
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For starters I personally have been putting off this daunting task... Dun Dun DDDDUUUNNN!!!... Organizing Digital Photos, if any of you are like me sometimes you just don't have time and before you know it you look at your files like a cluttered room. Your overwhelmed, don't know where to start, and quite frankly not sure where to find anything. Well, I have some good news for you all... below I have a listed a few steps that will make this process and your life so much easier and organized. 

Step 1: Save then Start Fresh! 
First off... you may not even want to begin because theres hundreds and hundreds, maybe a thousand saved items. Not Organized!!!.. Ugh.. well lets all start fresh, grab a USB and save all your old pictures, papers, etc on to your new little super hero. It's literally saving everything haha... ok moving past my sad excuse of a joke after you get everything saved to your USB, it's time to move on to step 2.

Step 2: The delete Key is your Friend!
I know me personaly I end up just saving almost absoluty everything.. sometimes it's just I don't have time and I think I'll have more time to go back to it later. Which let me tell happens once in a blue moon and this doesn't help me towards my goals of being organized, does it??... I think not! Then other times I feel like well maybe I'll need it down the road, I don't wanna regret deleting it. Let me telll you, in the past I have never regreted deleting anythin and most of the time you won't. What I do regret is keeping everything and looking back into my files and saying to my self, " where the heck is everything at!" personaly I dislike feeling overwhelmed, it makes it hard for me to think clearly. So take my advice and get into the habit that the delete key is your friend. You don't need 12 of the same pictures that are barle even different that you or any one else can barely tell and you don't need 20 copies of your essay paper ect.  Say hello to your new best friend Delete, Delete, Delete... Refuse clutter. 

Step 3: Choose an easy plan to file everything and stick to it.
An easy idea to organixe everything is file everything by dates .. year- month- day.. in that order. For exmple 2014-03-04... year 2014 of March on day 4 .. ( March 4, 2014). The reason I do this is so down the road I won't just have three years with all the Januarys together then all the Marches together, instead I can go by each year which in my past experience helps me all more. Another thing is to upload frequently, don't leave your self with a doaunting task to upload to many multiple events. If you do just take a deep breath and continue to save by dates or an easier way save all to one fil its self and have ending date to beging date. For example, 2014-03-04/2013-05-10.. March 4, 2014.. May 10, 2013. This way it saves you time its still organized. If you have a little extra time with any of your files you can add a little side note, for example 2014-03-05  My Aunt Jesse's Birthday. 
How do you organize your photos and files? Was this post any help? 
<![CDATA[My First Post!!]]>Sat, 15 Feb 2014 20:05:25 GMThttp://everythingbrandiashley.weebly.com/news/my-first-post Hi my beautiful loves!!! I wanted to make this blog to post Outfits of the day, Outfits of the night, makeup tricks, beauty favorites, nail polish trends, DIYs, all about my journey in persuing my career, tips, tricks, ideas about everything etc. I hope you enjoy my blog, and keep checking back for updates!! SO MUCH LOVE to you all <3 Leave me comments!!!! XOXO
Brandi Ashley

This is the make up look I did most recently.. Thinking about doing a make up tutorial on this look.